Changing the Rules

The judiciary, human rights and the constitution

Held at Simmons & Simmons the 2005 annual lecture could more accurately be described as a debate. The issues brought to the fore by Roger Smith in his paper, Changing the rules: the judiciary, human rights and the constitution, published in the 2004 annual report, were extensively considered in answering papers by Lord Steyn, Michael Beloff QC, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC and Professor Robert Hazell. The discussion, which included searching questions and comments from a packed audience, informed the development of what later became the constitution project.

A full transcript of the evening’s proceedings is available in JUSTICE Journal Volume 2, Number 2 (December 2005).

Tom Sargant was JUSTICE’s Secretary from the organisation’s foundation in 1957 to his retirement in 1982.


Changing the Rules- Lord Steyn’s paper for debate