Civil Justice System

In the cause WF [2016]

The Court of Session in Scotland recognised a person’s right under Article 8 ECHR to be heard in opposition to the disclosure of confidential records.

PJS (Appellant) v News Group Newspapers Ltd (Respondent) [2016]

Privacy, private life and the press (Articles 8, 10 ECHR)

Michael and others v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police and another [2015]

On 28 January 2015, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5 – 2 majority that police could not be liable in negligence to members of the public.

Al Rawi (or Deghayes) and others v The Security Service and Others; Home office v Tariq [2011]

On 13 July 2011, the Supreme Court rule by a majority that the courts had no power to adopt a procedure allowing the use of secret evidence in civil trials unless parliamentary legislation directly allowed it.