JUSTICE – Response to Queen’s Speech 2022

JUSTICE has responded to the Government’s legislative agenda for the next year as announced in the Queen’s Speech delivered on 10 May 2022. JUSTICE considers that many of the measures contained in the Speech will serve to weaken human rights, decrease state accountability, and threaten the rule of law.

JUSTICE’s response addresses the following concerns with respect to the Bills announced in the Queen’s Speech:

  • We are concerned that the proposed Bill of Rights will weaken rights protection in the UK and breach our international obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Whilst the Queen’s Speech did not explicitly mention a Public Order Bill, we are concerned by the government’s intention, expressed to the media, to bring further restrictions on protest rights.
  • We are concerned that the draft bill on reforming the Mental Health Act will continue to fail those with mental health problems.
  • Finally, we are concerned by the further pledge to tackle ‘illegal crossings’ in the Channel, without any mention of creating safe and legal alternatives for people to claim asylum in the UK.

JUSTICE will continue to work with Parliamentarians and others to push for evidence-based legislation and to ensure the UK upholds the highest standards, in line with our domestic and international human rights obligations.

Read our full response here.