Criminal justice system

JUSTICE has long been concerned with the process of criminal investigation, trial and sentencing in the United Kingdom and it continues to be a priority area for us.

Our earliest work concerned ensuring a fair trial for prisoners of conscience in other jurisdictions and increasingly our attention was caught by concerns of miscarriages of justice in this country. We spent many years investigating claims of innocence and submitting claims for review on behalf of individuals to the Home Office. Through these experiences we called for an independent and transparent body to review claims of innocence post-conviction and contributed significantly to the creation of the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Our work over the last 60 years has spanned the criminal justice system, from police powers to appeal and we continue to review processes to strive for fairness, alternatives to criminalisation, alternatives to custody, and rehabilitation, in particular through restorative justice processes. Our work spans procedural safeguards for defendants, particularly children, as well as services for victims and witnesses.

By looking at the justice system as a whole JUSTICE is able to see the wider impact of small changes as well as particular problem areas. We work collaboratively with other criminal justice focused organisations, for example in relation to prisons and youth justice, and in doing so can see where reform is most needed but also where there are neglected issues in which we can effectively seek change.

JUSTICE is a member of the Criminal Justice Alliance and the Standing Committee on Youth Justice.