Why we need your support

For most people the justice system is unaffordable and beyond reach. Much of it is antiquated and unfit for the 21st century. We think this is unacceptable in a country which enjoys a reputation of having the best legal services in the world. Legal aid cuts and spiralling court fees make the situation even more critical.

With unprecedented government investment in the courts and tribunals pledged and a reforming senior judiciary, we face a unique opportunity to change the system and deliver access to justice for ordinary people, drawing on the expertise and insights of the profession.

With the help of The JUSTICE60, we are able to conduct evidence-based research that helps us contribute to transforming the justice system. We are a small charity and every pound you give makes a massive difference.

Your gift of:

  •  £6,000 in Year 1 – covers the cost of a three-month legal internship. We offer our internships to law students from less-privileged backgrounds who otherwise would not afford to take up such opportunities. Interns also greatly enhance our research and writing capacity.
  • £12,000 across Year 1 & 2 – contributes to half the cost of a lawyer who works closely with our members to produce proposals that help reform our justice system.
  • £18,000 across all three years – makes it possible to hold our annual conference that brings together experts in the legal profession who tackle pressing legal challenges. Or it could pay for a third of a JUSTICE lawyer’s time over a year, undertaking all the briefing, writing, influencing that the job involves.

Watch our short video to find out about the work JUSTICE does and why it is so important to ensure we can continue to do it.

For nearly 60 years JUSTICE has been at the forefront of reimagining the justice system. We have much to thank it for and it deserves our support”.                              

Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales