Page 8 - Judicial Diversity Update report
P. 8

for the establishment of an internal judicial career path where judges can
              begin their career in the more diverse Tribunals or District Judges.

          •  We stress the importance of leadership and culture in increasing diversity.
              Any substantial and sustained improvement in the diversity of our judiciary
              will require the  judicial leadership to prioritise and commit to a cultural
              change, whereby judicial diversity is seen as fundamental to the quality of
              judging, rather than tangential.

          •  We question how merit is defined and assessed within the current system of
              appointments and are concerned that it is too often used as an unconscious
              proxy for the characteristics, qualities and experience of the current cohort
              of judges.  We  welcome  the  JACs recent  efforts  to  better  understand  and
              define merit, however we call for continued efforts to tackle affinity bias and
              urge further efforts to be made to ensure that the appointments process tests
              for judicial potential and not prior advocacy experience.

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