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processes  to  open  up  routes  to  the  bench  for  diverse  candidates.  In
                particular, it recognised the need to create a genuine career path to enable
                talented  judges  to  enjoy  a  real  prospect  of  moving  up  to  senior
                appointments and measures to make the senior judiciary more attractive
                for  non-traditional  candidates,  including  more  appealing  working

       1.17.  In follow up discussions, we encountered considerable objections to our key
            recommendation of “targets with teeth”, which was misunderstood as a call for
            quotas.   They  are  not  the  same  thing.  Quotas  require  the  appointment  of
            candidates with particular characteristics. The targets we proposed would be a
            publicly  expressed  intention  to  recruit  a  particular  number  of  judges  with
            certain characteristics who meet the required standard, with an obligation to
            report and to explain continued efforts to be made to meet the target should it
            not be reached.  We stand by this recommendation, without which we believe
            insufficient priority is placed on diverse appointments.

       1.18.  In  addition  to  these  recommendations,  and  in  light  of  our  analysis  of  the
            progress (or lack thereof) that has been made since 2017, in Chapter Four we
            make a number of further recommendations to help increase judicial diversity.

       Methods and approach

       1.19.   This Update presents combined analyses of:

       a.    official  statistics  and  reports  relating  to  judicial  diversity  since  2017,
             specifically: data  published  by  the Judicial  Office  on  the  sitting  cohort of
             judges;  data  on  the  selection  and  appointment  of  judges  published  by  the

       12  As noted in our earlier report, while some members of our Working Party believe the time for
       quotas has come, this is currently a minority view. That said, should much more time pass without
       meaningful and sustained change in the demographic composition of our judiciary, our 2017 report
       recognized that the case for quotas may become overwhelming.
       13  This approach was endorsed by the Lammy Review, see: D Lammy, The Lammy Review: An
       independent review into the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
       individuals in the Criminal Justice System, (2017). In evidence to the Justice Committee, David
       Lammy MP later indicated that he wish he’d proposed quotas.
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