Page 7 - Reforming Benefits Decision-Making -(updated - August 2021)
P. 7


          Professor Michael Adler, Edinburgh University

          Dr Ciara Fitzpatrick, University of Ulster

          Dr Jennifer Harris, Senior Research Associate at University of Bristol
          Judge Chris Purnell, Social Entitlement Chamber

          Jonathan Rackham, Disability Advocate
          Callum Scott, Nottingham Law School Legal Advice Centre

          Jon Shaw, Child Poverty Action Group Scotland


          Judge Helen Dunn, Regional Judge  for Scotland, First-tier  Tribunal (Social

          Entitlement Chamber)
          Karen Grayson, Equality and Human Rights Commission

          Law Commission
          Katherine Perks, Equality and Human Rights Commission

          Libby Wright, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service

          The views expressed in this report are those of the Working Party members alone,
          and do not reflect the views of the organisations or institutions to which they belong.
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