How to Appeal

How to Appeal provides simple, accessible information on the appeal system and procedures – for prisoners and those who advise them. The booklet is in a simple question and answer format – reflecting the main questions asked by prisoners. It will also be invaluable to anyone who may be asked to give advice on how the criminal appeal system works.


  • easy to follow question and answer format
  • a flowchart of the entire appeals system
  • examples of appeal forms
  • information on how and when to appeal
  • what lawyers can do when legal aid is available
  • what grounds of appeal the court can look at


Stage 1     Get yourself organised
Stage 2     Start the appeal
Stage 4     Renewal to the full court
Stage 3     The ‘single judge’ stage
Stage 5     The full court hearing
Stage 6     The appeal
Stage 7     After the appeal
Grounds of appeal
Legal aid
Index of terms used in appeal

Copies are free to download using the link below.
Single hard copies are FREE to convicted people and their families, email or call 020 7329 5100.

Please note that two new forms have been approved for lodging a conviction or sentence application in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division. These forms now appear under the Part 39 heading here.  


October 2018


How to Appeal

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