Due to COVID-19, all criminal trials have been suspended. JUSTICE considers it vital that solutions are found to ensure trials can restart as soon as possible. For these reasons we have been testing whether, during this emergency when the risk of infection is so dangerous, technology can support virtual jury trials that are fair and enable effective participation. As far as we are aware, this is the first time that virtual jury trial has been tested anywhere in the world. 

“Having been very sceptical of the possibility of a jury deliberating electronically, I found myself converted by the set-up trialled by JUSTICE – the software worked very effectively and enabled jurors properly to evaluate the evidence and deliberate on it.” – Professor James Chalmers

“I was impressed with how much better my view of all the participants was than it usually would be for a juror in court, and by my ability to hear everybody involved.” – Patricia Hitchcock QC, barrister and recorder

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