Remember JUSTICE in your will

JUSTICE will be needed in the future – you can help to secure it

Legacies give us the opportunity to provide for our family and friends and for the causes we care about.

For JUSTICE to continue providing the answers needed to make our legal process efficient, additional resources will always be needed. Leaving a legacy is a huge decision with the potential to be hugely transformative. By leaving a bequest you can ensure that JUSTICE is properly resourced and is able to provide solutions aimed at improving the administration of justice for every single person.

Sir Henry Brooke CMG“I am happy to know that others like me would like our justice system to be here in the future, for it to work better and to maintain its reputation for excellence and respectability throughout the world. I have been a member of JUSTICE since 1962 and during that time, I witnessed the organisation’s unique approach to law reform and often referred to JUSTICE research during my tenure on the bench.”

Sir Henry Brooke CMG
Former Justice of the Court of Appeal and member of JUSTICE

We want to ensure that generations to come can enjoy an effective and transparent legal system. By leaving a gift in your will, you will safeguard the future of JUSTICE, making sure our work continues to strengthen the justice system long into the future.

You can find Sir Henry’s legacy letter here.

Leave a legacy of fair and accessible justice for all

Contact your solicitors and ask them to add a codicil to your existing will or help you draft a new one – they can advise you on the exact wording.

Ways to leave a gift in your will:

  • Residuary – this gift is a percentage of your remaining estate once all the expenses, liabilities and other specific gifts have been paid.
  • Pecuniary – this gift is a specific amount of money.

Please include our registered charity numbers – England and Wales: 1058580 Scotland: SC043518 and inform us of your intentions, if you would like.

For more information, contact our Development team.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss ways that you can remember JUSTICE in your will. We also put on legacy specific events at JUSTICE and we encourage you to contact us in case you want to be included on the guest list.