Our strategy: 2021-2024

Building on the success of our Strategy 2017-2014, please find below the JUSTICE Strategy for 2021-2024.  With a firm foundation in our history, this Strategy sets out our vision and outlines our ambitions for this four year period.  It provides the basis for our work plans and priorities, and is a benchmark against which we measure our success.

This Strategy is elaborated in the context of four main social and political trends, which we believe will influence the direction of our work and developments within the justice system over the next four years.

First, a period of considerable economic struggle brought on by the consequences of COVID-19, compounded by the UK’s departure from the European Union. There will be limited funding from Her Majesty’s Treasury for the justice system and JUSTICE will be operating in a difficult funding environment.

Second, this Strategy will likely span four years of a Conservative government that has made significant manifesto pledges with respect to the operation of the justice system, including on constitutional matters, administrative redress, criminal justice, policing and human rights.

Third, growing social movements, such as #BlackLivesMatter, calling for urgent addressal of increasing racial and ethnic discrimination, inequalities and disproportionality in the justice system and for greater inclusivity and diversity within the system.

Finally, challenges brought by the pandemic have highlighted many existing limitations within the system, while providing an impetus for accelerated cultural change with respect to the use of technology and innovations with respect to access to justice.

You can read about our plans for JUSTICE looking ahead to 2024 in this document.

Policy Work

During this strategy period, we will strive to tackle urgent and important issues within the constraints of the social, economic and political climate indicated above. 

To achieve this, our working parties, briefings, and interventions will focus on the following themes.