Individual membership

From solicitors to Supreme Court Judges, chartered legal executives to established barristers, we have a membership for everyone in the legal profession and beyond.

As a member of JUSTICE you will:

  • Have access to our member-only events
  • Receive significant discounts on our paid-for events, including our Annual Human Rights Conference
  • Be eligible to participate in our ground-breaking working parties, which have recently included When Things Go Wrong and Increasing Judicial Diversity: an Update
  • Receive a monthly member newsletter detailing updates on our work
  • Have opportunities to network with senior judges, leading lawyers and academics in the legal sphere

Members are also given precedence when we consider who might represent us in third party interventions and speak at our conferences and seminars. We depend upon and greatly appreciate the wide range of support we receive from the legal community but try where possible to work with individuals, firms and chambers who have demonstrated their support for JUSTICE and its objectives by becoming members.

Direct Debit reduces our overheads so we can spend more money on creating real and long-lasting change in the UK legal system.

Can I join JUSTICE if I’m not a lawyer or legal professional?

If you are not a lawyer or law student, you can join JUSTICE as an Associate member. Associates have all the same entitlements as other members but cannot vote at the JUSTICE AGM.

You can also become a Friend of JUSTICE, which doesn’t require a membership.


Read our membership terms and conditions here 

Download our JUSTICE membership leaflet here