About us

Our purpose

We strive for a fair, accessible, and equal justice system. Our work aims at making practical, realistic, and timely changes, addressing some of the most urgent issues facing the United Kingdom’s legal framework.

We use our voice to influence and improve policies and practice, while not being afraid to scrutinise and challenge developments in the justice system that threaten the country’s adherence to human rights and the rule of law.

Our position

A registered charity, we are an all-party membership organisation, drawn primarily from the legal profession with a common commitment to the rule of law and the fair administration of justice.

We work closely with our members and other stakeholders in all aspects of our work, drawing on their expertise and insights, as well as using their networks and influence to change the justice system for the better.

Our considerable convening power enables us to produce high quality, evidence-based research that reflects the professional and lay experience of the justice system.

We recommend practical and realistic change that leads to meaningful reform.

We build consensus that access to justice, fairness and efficiency in the justice system are the concern of all lawyers and lawmakers, rather than party-political issues.

Our core areas

JUSTICE’s work spans administrative, civil, family and criminal justice in the United Kingdom. We have four intersecting core areas of activity:

  • We use working parties of our members and other experts to identify and address areas ripe for reform. Supported by our staff, the working parties provide evidence-based analysis and propose practical solutions by drawing on leading academic research, international and comparative material, and lived experiences of people interacting with the justice system in different ways. We work towards implementing our working party recommendations, and use our reports to inform, influence and collaborate with decision-makers and other key actors.
  • We act as a bridge between law and lawmakers, briefing politicians from all parties on draft legislation relevant to the justice system in the UK and devolved Parliaments. We also respond to consultations from Government, parliamentary committees and other significant bodies within our areas of expertise.
  • We hold informative events on our work and related issues, and on access to the legal profession for our members and other interested parties.
  • Finally, we submit third-party interventions before the UK Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights in cases that raise critical points of law in our areas of expertise.

JUSTICE also provides the Secretariat for the Administrative Justice Council (the AJC). We will continue to work closely with the AJC, strengthening both our own capacity and that of the administrative justice system.

What makes us different

We are the only NGO that works to improve access to justice across the entire UK justice system. We use our research and reports to influence policymakers, judges, civil servants, lawyers, and other decision-makers. We do not campaign or lobby.

Our greatest strength is our membership.

We are pragmatic. While consistently urging improved resourcing of the justice system, we pursue reform that stands a reasonable chance of implementation within the existing financial and political climate. In some instances, where the threat to the rule of law or fairness within the system may be so acute, we speak up as a matter of principle, even when we know it will fail.

We have a long and rich history of reforming the justice system in the United Kingdom. Our pioneering work over more than sixty years has shaped the infrastructure of the system, making it more accessible, accountable and fair.

We are the UK section of the International Commission of Jurists. In our work, we incorporate international and comparative law experiences which strengthen our proposals for reform.

Our culture

We strive for excellence
We aim to produce work of the highest quality, by recruiting and retaining the best possible staff, and by working with our members and other leaders in the profession. We pride ourselves in the quality of our research, analysis and drafting, holding ourselves to the highest standards of intellectual rigour. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement, reflecting on how our work can be strengthened.

We are inclusive and collaborative
We are committed to recruiting staff from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. In our work, we seek out and collaborate with a wide range of legal professionals, organisations, and users of the system to influence the direction of our work.

We value integrity, independence, and innovation
We ensure that our work is evidence-based, constructive and rigorous. We seek to challenge the status quo where it is not working and are creative and innovative in our response to problem-solving. We value integrity and honesty. We prize our objectivity and independence.

We value a healthy and nurturing working environment
We are proud of the office culture at JUSTICE, which provides opportunities for the development of staff skills and experience in a supportive and collegiate environment. We care that our staff enjoy their working day, and their health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us. We are a flexible employer, with staff encouraged to structure work around other aspects of their lives. In all our work, communications and relationships, we do not tolerate disrespectful or bullying behaviour.


JUSTICE is a registered charity (no 1058580). We rely on the generosity of our members and supporters for the funds to carry out our work.