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JUSTICE is the conscience of the legal profession – be a part of it

JUSTICE is a membership organisation, primarily of the legal profession, representing judges, barristers, solicitors, academic lawyers, law students and interested non-lawyers.

Our members are among our greatest assets. JUSTICE relies on the support of its members and donors for the funds to carry out our vital work.

JUSTICE is a company limited by guarantee and all members are also members of the company.

Individual membership

There are a range of benefits to becoming a JUSTICE member, including discounts, exclusive events and networking opportunities. Find out more about the benefits of JUSTICE membership.

Individual membership of JUSTICE starts at £15. Signing up to a direct debit is the quickest and easiest way to join.


Corporate membership

Our corporate members have the opportunity to enhance their corporate social responsibility and participate in groundbreaking legal projects. Find out more about the benefits of corporate membership.


Student membership

Becoming a member of JUSTICE is a great way to boost your CV and interact with senior judges, leading lawyers and legal academics. Find out more about the benefits of student membership.

Student membership of JUSTICE starts at £15. Signing up to a direct debit is the quickest and easiest way to join, choose this option via the links below.



Here are just five of the reasons why you should join JUSTICE:
  • We are independent
    Because it is not party political, JUSTICE commands respect throughout the political spectrum. We have representatives from each of the main political parties on our governing body.
  • We are expert
    JUSTICE draws on international research and caselaw, and the specialist input of experts to provide the template for public policy.
  • We are influencial
    JUSTICE has a membership of prominent barristers and solicitors, distinguished academics, leading firms and chambers and many individuals and organisations engaged in human rights.
  • We are effective
    Through influential reports and informed dialogue, we continue to play a key role amending and developing law, government policy and the practice of public authorities.
  • We are international
    As the British section of the International Commission of Jurists, we work with colleagues from across the world on areas of common interest and concern.