Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

March 26, 2024

JUSTICE has briefed Parliament on several discrete issues within the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill. Firstly, JUSTICE has briefed on automated decision-making. Clause 14 of the Bill repeals the right not to be subject to solely automated decision making and profiling, replacing it with more permissive provisions. JUSTICE does not consider the new provisions […]

Time Better Spent: Improving Decision-making in Prisons

March 21, 2024

Ease prison crisis with Norwegian-style queueing system, finds JUSTICE report A Norwegian-style queueing system and other key reforms could ease the UK’s prison overcrowding crisis and reduce reoffending, a new report by JUSTICE finds. The report warns that such reforms are urgently needed to avoid a repeat of the widespread prison riots of the 1990s.  […]

Ongoing problems with EU settlement scheme affecting millions

March 13, 2024

Ongoing problems with the scheme designed to secure eligible European Economic Area (‘EEA’) nationals their rights to live and work in the UK after Brexit are putting millions of people at risk of wrongly losing their jobs, homes, and access to healthcare and benefits, a new report finds. Continuing problems with the scheme’s online ‘proof […]

Building the infrastructure for a fair, accessible justice system

March 8, 2024

New JUSTICE-led project, funded by the Access to Justice Foundation, to explore options for harnessing data and evidence to improve justice policy and practice. JUSTICE have commissioned Dr Natalie Byrom to identify options for a new initiative to enable policymakers and practitioners to harness data and evidence to build a fairer justice system within everyone’s […]

Review of Civil Legal Aid

March 5, 2024

In January 2023, the Ministry of Justice launched a Review of Civil Legal Aid, setting out its proposals to improve the system’s ability to deliver long-term access to justice. JUSTICE has responded to the Ministry of Justice’s call for evidence. In doing so, we have drawn upon our previous work, including our reports on Solving […]

Mental health, human rights & criminal justice bodies unite for reforms to address the “stain” of the IPP sentence

February 26, 2024

An influential cross-sector coalition of mental health bodies, human rights charities and criminal justice organisations have joined forces to call for reforms to address the ongoing injustice of the IPP sentence – described by the former Supreme Court Justice Lord Brown as “the greatest single stain on our criminal justice system”. Members of the coalition […]

New guide to help evidence the role of racism in state-custody deaths 

February 21, 2024

Green door

A new guide released today (21/2/24) provides lawyers representing families bereaved by deaths in police custody, prisons, immigration detention, and mental health settings with the legal expertise to raise the potential role of race and racism at inquests. It also provides foundational knowledge and strategy to coroners to ensure they satisfy their duty in fully […]

Government seeks to routinely redact names in judicial review cases

January 24, 2024

JUSTICE is today [Weds 24/1/24] intervening in an appeal to argue that the Government should not be able to routinely redact all names outside of the senior civil service from documents disclosed in judicial review proceedings. This policy risks hiding the names of external contractors and political Special Advisors as well as that of junior […]

Police challenged over attempt to withhold Prevent data

January 19, 2024

Law reform charity JUSTICE is today [Friday 19/1/24] challenging an attempt by two of England’s largest police forces – West Midlands and Merseyside – to keep their Prevent referrals data secret.  JUSTICE asked ten English police forces for anonymised figures on the ethnicity, age, and gender of the people they referred to the Prevent programme […]