JUSTICE Journal – Volume 1, Number 1

Contents for Volume 1 Number 1


Constitutional Reform Roger Smith


  • Iraq: the Pax Americana and the law Lord Alexander of Weedon QC
  • Necessity and Detention: internment under the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 Eric Metcalfe
  • Charting the new territory of the EU’s bill of rights Marilyn Goldberg
  • Test case strategies and legal pressure groups Roger Smith


  • Identity cards: next steps Rachel Brailsford
  • The twin towers of democracy and human rights in the EU post 11 September Marisa Leaf
  • The defence of provocation – in need of radical reform Janet Arkinstall
  • Equality re-imagined Gay Moon

Book reviews

  • Asylum Law and Practice Symes and Jorro
  • English Lawyers between Market and Sate: the politics of professionalism Abel
  • Causes of Action: civil law and social justice Plesaunce et al

JUSTICE Briefings and submissions

1 September 2003 – 29 February 2004

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JUSTICE Journal 2004, Volume 1, No.1