JUSTICE Journal – Volume 1, Number 2

Contents for Volume 1 Number 2


Terrorism: the correct counter Roger Smith


  • ‘Representative but not responsible’: the use of special advocates in English law Eric Metcalfe
  • Legal aid: a way forward Roger Smith
  • Prosecuting by consent: a public prosecution service in the 21st Century Ken Macdonald QC


  • The International Commission of Jurists: a global network defending the rule of law Nick Howen
  • The Royal Commission on Criminal Justice and factual innocence: remedying wrongful convictions in the Court of Appeal Stephanie Roberts
  • Unappealing work: the practical difficulties facing solicitors engaged in criminal appeal cases Janet Arkinstall
  • The Hague Programme: new prospects for a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice Marisa Leaf
  • Refugee protection in Europe: reconciling asylum with human rights Anneliese Baldaccini
  • Moving forward? Human rights for Gypsies and Travellers? Gay Moon

Book Reviews

  • Reconcilable rights? Analysing the tension between victims and defendants Cape (ed) (LAG)
  • The 9/11 Commission: final report National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States
  • Human Rights Act 1998: an impact study in South Wales Costigan et al (Cardiff University)
  • The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Peers and Ward (eds) (Hart)
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Practice Ghai and Cottrell (eds) (Interights)
  • Anti-Discrimination Law McCrudden (ed)

JUSTICE briefings and submissions

1 March 2004 – 31 August 2004

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JUSTICE Journal 2004, Volume 1, No.2