JUSTICE Journal – Volume 3, Number 1

Contents of Volume 3 Number 1


Defending the children of the poor Roger Smith


The LSE/JUSTICE Rule of Law Lectures

  • Human rights and the rule of law Ross Cranston QC
  • Government and the rule of law in the modern age Lord Goldsmith
  • Changing the rules: the judiciary, human rights and the rule of law Roger Smith
  • Terrorism and the rule of law Shami Chakrabarti


  • Of bricks and mortar: mutual recognition and mutual trust in EU criminal justice co-operation – the first experiences in the courts of England and Ireland Maik Martin
  • The definition of terrorism in UK law Eric Metcalfe

Book reviews

  • Discrimination Law: Text, Cases and Materials (2nd ed) McColgan (Hart)
  • The Impact of Human Rights Law on Armed Forces Rowe (CUP)
  • Battling Terrorism: Legal Perspectives on the Use of Force and the War on Terror Nyamuya Maogoto (Ashgate)
  • French Criminal Justice: a Comparative Account of the Investigation and Prosecution of Crime in France Hodgson (Hart)

JUSTICE briefings and submissions

1 November 2005 – 28 February 2006

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JUSTICE Journal 2006, Volume 3, No.1