JUSTICE Journal – Volume 4, Number 1

Contents of Volume 4 Number 1


A Ministry of Justice and the rule of law Roger Smith


  • Human rights beyond the hostile headlines: new developments in practice Sir Henry Brooke

The second rule of law lecture series organised by the LSE Law Department and Clifford Chance in conjunction with JUSTICE:

  • Introduction: the rule of law Ross Cranston QC
  • The rule of law – form and substance Sir John Laws, with a comment by Professor Carol Harlow
  • The ICJ, the United Nations system and the rule of law HE Judge Rosalyn Higgins, with a comment by Dr Chaloka Beyani
  • The rule of law: the European dimension Jonathan Faull, with a comment by Professor Damian Chalmers


  • Paying lip-service to Article 10: legality and the right to protest Sally Ireland
  • Incorporating socio-economic rights in a British bill of rights: pragmatic progression or a step too far? Emma Douglas
  • The punishment of not voting Eric Metcalfe

Book reviews

  • Terrorism and the Foreigner: A Decade of Tension around the Rule of Law in Europe Baldaccini and Guild (eds) (Martinus Nijhoff)
  • Discrimination Law Handbook (Second edition) McColgan (ed) (LAG)
  • Blackstone’s Criminal Practice 2007 Murphy (ed) (OUP)

JUSTICE briefings and submissions

1 November 2006 – 28 February 2007

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