JUSTICE Journal – Volume 4, Number 2

Contents of Volume 4 Number 2


  •  Justice, JUSTICE and judgment Roger Smith


  • Are judges now out of their depth? Professor Conor Gearty
  • The place of equality in a bill of rights Colm O’Cinneide
  • Transforming the judiciary: the politics of the judiciary in a democratic South Africa Geoff Budlender


  • Rights and responsibilities Eric Metcalfe
  • Adjudicating positive obligations under Article 3 in relation to asylum seekers: ‘mission creep’ of the European Convention on Human Rights Emma Douglas
  • Human rights protection in Australia: momentary glimmers of hope in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory Liz Curran

Book reviews

  • Lawyers in conflict: Australian lawyers and legal aid Noone and Tomsen (Federation Press)
  • Equality Law Monaghan (OUP)
  • Freedom of religion, minorities and the law Knight (OUP)

JUSTICE briefings and submissions

1 April 2007 – 31 October 2007

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JUSTICE Journal 2007 – Volume 4, No.2