Lord Chief Justice endorses JUSTICE report on civil courts and tribunals

JUSTICE welcomes yesterday’s address by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, in which he stressed the need for wide ranging reform of the justice system:

 “…I hope that we can create a better court and tribunal system, with rules and procedures to ensure that the right work is carried out proportionately by the right judge, with a modernised court and tribunal estate and which uses technology to ensure that cases are dealt with efficiently, speedily and above all justly.”

 JUSTICE is pleased by the explicit reference to our report on Delivering Justice in an Age of Austerity. The report was acknowledged by Lord Thomas as an example of research containing “ideas that would not simply make the existing processes better, but would recast the delivery of justice so that it became again accessible at a cost people could afford and therefore use.”

The report was a product of a JUSTICE working party, chaired by The Rt. Hon Sir Stanley Burnton. Read more about our report and its recommendations.