New film tells the JUSTICE story

Throughout 2017, JUSTICE is celebrating 60 years of shaping the legal landscape in the UK. To mark this anniversary, long standing JUSTICE supporter Peter Hill – who created and produced the BBC television show ‘Rough Justice‘ – has made this film. Presented by Martin Young, it explains how JUSTICE became the organisation it is today and includes interviews with some of the pioneers who shaped our history.

In 1957 a group of public minded lawyers founded JUSTICE to promote the rule of law and the fair administration of justice. We remain committed to making the justice system fairer and more accessible for everyone.

JUSTICE has been at the forefront of reforms to the justice system, including proposing the Ombudsman, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Ministry of Justice itself. Our work is as needed now as it ever was. Alongside Peter Hill’s more detailed film (below), this short video gives a quick overview of JUSTICE history and why our work remains as relevant today as ever.

JUSTICE is truly grateful to everyone who has supported our work over the last 60 years, without your continued support we wouldn’t be able to keep our work going.

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Find out more about JUSTICE’s 60th anniversary and watch a short video about our work.

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