No Practical Alternative to the European Arrest Warrant

Today JUSTICE joins with retired judges and other senior figures in the legal community to urge the Government to opt back in to the European Arrest Warrant.

As debate on the EAW opt-in looms, JUSTICE expresses concern that the issue should not be a political one, but one about the practical operation of our criminal justice system.

“Without the EAW, other EU members may be unable speedily to extradite suspects such as Hussain Osman or Jeremy Forrest to Britain – both in jail after use of the EAW. The Association of Chief Police Officers says we cannot afford to lose it.
There is no credible alternative to the EAW. Other EU members will be reluctant to adopt new laws if we reject a system that works. Resort to international law on extradition would be slow and ineffective. A vote to opt in will be a vote for security and for fair and effective criminal justice.”

Read the full letter here.

Read JUSTICE’s recent Report on the operation of the EAW – Ensuring an Effective Defence, here.