Mental Health and Fair Trial

Around one in four adults in the UK are diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime and many more will experience changes in their mental well-being. Three quarters of people with mental health problems receive no support at all. The available evidence suggests that people in the criminal justice system are far more likely to suffer from mental health problems than the general population. 

On 27 November 2017 JUSTICE published a Working Party report on Mental Health and Fair Trial chaired by Sir David Latham, with the assistance of Linklaters LLP’ pro bono team and 12 legal and medical professionals.

Read the full Mental Health and Fair Trial report

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Implementation Report

In January 2021, we presented our Implementation Report, which describes our progress to date in addressing each of the Working Party’s recommendations.

Almost two thirds of our recommendations have been put in train. However, there is much yet to be achieved before we can be confident that the criminal justice system operates fairly for all defendants with neurodivergent conditions.

JUSTICE looks forward to working with the Government in order to improve further the protection of vulnerable individuals in line with the recommendations of the Working Party.   

Executive Summary
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