Public Bodies Bill

View the latest information on this bill on Parliament’s website.

The Public Bodies Bill makes provisions for conferring powers on Ministers of the Crown in relation to certain public bodies and offices.

JUSTICE is particularly concerned that the bill threatens parliamentary sovereignty and human rights – see our press release.

We have urged the Attorney General to intervene to persuade ministers that the bill requires fundamental reconsideration – see our letter and associated press release.

Please see below for our briefings on this bill and our response to the Government Equalities Office consultation on reform of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

JUSTICE response to Ministry of Justice consultation – September 2011
JUSTICE Briefing – House of Commons Public Bill Committee – September 2011
JUSTICE Briefing – House of Lords Report Stage – March 2011
JUSTICE Briefing – House of Lords Second Reading – November 2010
JUSTICE response to Equality and Human Rights Commission consultation – June 2011