R (on the application of Privacy International) v Investigatory Powers Tribunal and others [2019] UKSC 22

May 31, 2019

The Issues Considered These proceedings concerned whether section 67(8) of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (“RIPA”) had the effect of “ousting” the supervisory jurisdiction of the High Court over decisions of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (“IPT”). The IPT is a specialist statutory tribunal of limited jurisdiction created to determine complaints surrounding the exercise […]

Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project [2017]

September 12, 2017

On 26 June 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States agreed to hear arguments for two cases related to President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning nationals from six countries from travelling to the US and suspending the admission of refugees. Knowledge Bank The US is a federal republic. The term “federal government” refers to […]

JUSTICE AGM and Tom Sargant Memorial Lecture 2017

June 28, 2017

This year’s Annual General Meeting will take place at 5.30pm on Tuesday 24 October 2017 at Shearman & Sterling LLP, 9 Appold St, London EC2A 2AP. As a member of JUSTICE, this is where you get to have your say on the priorities of the organisation and meet with like-minded individuals who also support our […]

The Christian Institute & Others v HM Advocate

September 1, 2016

FACTS The appellants in this Supreme Court appeal are collectively known as No to Named Persons (NO2NP) and consist of three individual parents and four registered charities with interests in family matters. They challenge Part 4 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (“the 2014 Act”) and its introduction of the compulsory Named […]

Kiarie & Byndloss v Secretary of State for the Home Department

July 25, 2016

FACTS Kevin Kinyanjui Kiarie (born in Kenya) and Courtney Aloysius Byndloss (Jamaican) were liable to deportation being foreign nationals sentenced to periods of imprisonment of two and three years respectively. They made representations to the Home Office against their deportation based on their right to private and family life (Article 8 of the European Convention […]

PJS (Appellant) v News Group Newspapers Ltd (Respondent)

June 30, 2016

Privacy, private life and the press (Articles 8, 10 ECHR) FACTS PJS is married to YMA and both are well-known public figures. During their marriage, PJS had a sexual relationship with AB and, on one occasion, AB and CD. In January 2016, the Sun on Sunday newspaper notified PJS that it proposed to publish AB’s […]

In the cause WF

April 22, 2016

Article 8 ECHR, the protection of privacy in medical records and access to legal aid to fight disclosure. KNOWLEDGE BANK – SCOTS LAW TERMINOLOGY Haver – a body or person holding documents. Commission and diligence – the procedure by which the Court tells a haver to provide to the parties the documents held. Petition – […]

R v Jogee (Appellant)

March 31, 2016

FACTS Ameen Jogee appealed against his conviction for murder. Mr Jogee had taken a man named Mohammed Hirsi to an associate’s home, where both men behaved aggressively and Mr Hirsi stabbed a man. The man died of his wounds and Mr Hirsi was convicted of murder. Prior to the stabbing Mr Jogee had come beside […]