Michael and others v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police and another

Facts On 5 August 2009 at 2.29am, Ms Michael dialled 999 requesting police protection from her historically aggressive ex-boyfriend. Ms Michael told the call handler that her ex-boyfriend had come to the house, found her with another man, bit her ear and had taken the other man away in the car saying he would come […]

Nunn v Chief Constable of Suffolk Constabulary

July 30, 2015

Facts  This case concerned the extent of any continuing duty upon the police or the Crown Prosecution Service to assist a convicted person in gathering and examining evidence post-conviction, with a view to  challenging that conviction on appeal. The appellant, Kevin Nunn, was convicted in November 2006 of the murder of his former girlfriend. Nunn […]

Adam Wagner

May 29, 2015

Barrister at 1 Crown Office Row

Complex and lengthy trials

January 16, 2015

The JUSTICE Working Party on Complex and Lengthy Trials had its first meeting in December, chaired by Sir David Calvert-Smith and including many leading experts in serious crime investigation, prosecution and defence. The problem of lengthy trials was discussed along with how the task of recommending change should be undertaken. The members agreed that they […]

Giving legal advice at police stations: practical pointers

January 14, 2015

The Criminal Procedure (Legal Assistance, Detention and Appeals) (Scotland) Act 2010 made significant amendments to the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995. As a result, JUSTICE prepared a short guide to offer practical assistance to practitioners advising and representing detained persons at police stations in entirely new circumstances. Downloads Giving legal advice at police stations- practical […]

Devolution and Human Rights

JUSTICE’s report warns that any move to repeal or substantially amend the Human Rights Act or enact a bill of rights for the UK would have serious consequences for the devolved jurisdictions. Downloads  Devoultion and Human Rights– February, 2010

Transforming Legal Aid

JUSTICE considers that the proposals in Transforming Legal Aid are rushed, ill-considered and unsupported by evidence. We regret that less than a year after the implementation of the last reforms in Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (“LASPO”), the Government is proposing a series of changes which fail to consider the important […]