Working Parties

Legal Assistance in the Police Station

Our first Working Party report in Scotland was published on 7 June 2018. Chaired by the Rt. Hon. Lord Eassie, the Working Party focussed on the uptake and provision of legal advice during police detention. The report concludes that the importance of legal assistance during police detention needs to be better understood, not only by suspects but also by the solicitors tasked with providing that assistance.

Reforming Benefits Decision-Making

This 2021 report included discussion of the new devolved benefits system in Scotland, which under the Social Security Scotland Act 2018, grants the Scottish Government power over eleven benefits, including disability benefits.

This new system is founded upon eight guiding principles, which outline that social security will be treated as a human right, and that dignity and respect will be at the heart of the system.

Understanding Courts

JUSTICE and Brodies LLP are working on a research project considering whether the recommendations within the report are applicable to Scotland, and how these should be implemented.