Help us secure JUSTICE at 60

The Securing JUSTICE at 60 Appeal aims to raise £2 million by May 2017, in advance of our 60th anniversary on 4 June 2017.

The importance of the justice system cannot be overstated. The rule of law safeguards democracy and relies on an independent, effective and fair justice system to uphold it – a system which now faces public funding cuts on an unprecedented scale, fundamentally changing the way in which disputes are resolved. Whilst there are a number of organisations that work on specific as aspects of criminal justice, civil liberties or human rights, JUSTICE is the only organisation to address the UK justice system as a whole. Our reputation for excellence in thoughtful and balanced legal analysis is unrivalled, as is our position to influence key decision makers.

Money raised will be used to help us secure…

Our home
Our appeal in the 1990s allowed JUSTICE to purchase a freehold property at 59 Carter Lane. The building has a lot of potential and the location is perfect for our work, but like all aging Victorian buildings, it requires upkeep. Our roof is leaking, our basement floods, our lift no longer works and our walls are overdue a lick of paint. We need to repair and renovate the building, to provide a better working space for our staff and to maximise its rental potential, providing long-term income.

Our people
At Appeal launch, we have a staff of six and a half. We keep our costs down by being lean, but have too few staff to meet our ambitions. We need more lawyers, an administrator and a legal officer for our currently unstaffed Scottish branch.

Our future
We want to ensure that JUSTICE is able to operate securely beyond its 60th year. Funds from the Appeal will be used to ensure this through a building maintenance fund and replenishment of our vital reserves.

None of this will happen without the support of our members, the legal profession and those who understand the importance of a quality justice system in maintaining the rule of law. We are delighted to have an eminent list of Appeal Patrons.

Help to secure JUSTICE by donating to Appeal, joining as a member and spreading the word.