JUSTICE urges Supreme Court to extend human rights protection to UK troops

February 15, 2013

On Monday morning, the Supreme Court will begin a four day hearing set to determine whether the protection of the European Convention on Human Rights extends to the activities of UK troops overseas. JUSTICE has intervened in this case to urge the Supreme Court to find that the relationship between the UK and its forces […]

JUSTICE and others condemn Government’s rewrite of the Secret Courts Bill

February 6, 2013

Today, JUSTICE joins together with other leading human rights organisations, Amnesty, Liberty and Reprieve, to regret the Government’s decision to reverse cross-party changes to the Justice and Security Bill made in the House of Lords. JUSTICE considers that the expansion of closed material procedures (or CMP) remains unfair, unnecessary and unjustified.  That Ministers reject the […]

Supreme Court reaffirms ancient right to liberty

October 31, 2012

Today, in a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court reaffirms the importance of the ancient common law writ of habeas corpus. Mr Rahmatullah, was captured by UK forces in Iraq and handed over to US forces in 2004, in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding between the UK and the US governing the transfer of prisoners.  […]

Carloway Consultation on Criminal Justice – too much, too soon

October 24, 2012

JUSTICE Scotland has submitted a response to the Scottish Government on its review of criminal justice following the Cadder case and Lord Carloway’s inquiry into the way the system functions. Read Press Release Read JUSTICE Scotland’s response

JUSTICE announces appointment of new director

October 3, 2012

Andrea Coomber has been appointed the new director of JUSTICE. Andrea is currently legal director of the international human rights organisation, INTERIGHTS. Read Press Release

Draft Communications Data Bill: JUSTICE says “no more snooping”

September 4, 2012

JUSTICE has published its written evidence to the parliamentary Joint Committee on the Draft Communications Data Bill. The Draft Bill would enable the Government to compel providers of communications services to collect, store and keep new information about how we use the internet, the phone and the post to communicate with each other.   JUSTICE […]